The Nitty-Gritty Q & A

Q: How do I reserve my rental date? A: Complete and return a rental agreement with deposit and your date is reserved.

Q: Do you require event insurance? A: Yes we do. If you have homeowner’s or renter’s insurance, your insurance agent may be able to provide the liability coverage at a reduced rate. If not, you can purchase insurance from a number of sources online, including WEDSAFE, WEDSURE and EVENT HELPER.

Q: Do you allow alcohol at events? A: Yes, with some restrictions outlined in the rental agreement. Most importantly, you will need a banquet permit and servers must have a valid Washington State Mandatory Alcohol Server Training (MAST) Permit (Class 12). You may provide your own alcohol for the event, but quest may not bring alcohol or be allowed to self-serve alcohol.

Q: May we use outside caterers/vendors? A: The short answer: You can use any licensed and insured vendor you want. You can also provide your own meals, but food must be cooked offsite. We provide a list of area vendors who have received positive reviews from clients, but in the end you are always free to choose who you wish.

Q: May I visit the farm prior to my event? A: We often receive requests to visit the farm prior to events. You may want to see what things look like during the month/season of your event. Maybe you need to take measurements or pictures. Sometimes a minister, wedding coordinator, or set-up crew wants to check where you will be celebrating. All we ask is that you schedule an appointment by clicking HERE When the link opens select option two – Follow-up Farm Visit/Pre-Event Planning Visit – and complete the necessary information and you will be set!

Q: Does a working farm mean that you have animals? A: Oh yes, with all the wonderful sights, sounds and smells that go with them! Depending on the season, you may see horses, cows, new calves, chickens, goats and who know what else. Guests have access to much of the farm, but if pastures are fenced and gates are closed and/or locked, we ask that guests do not enter for your safety and the safety of our animals and livestock. Thank you!

Food for Thought: Estimating the Guest Count

We regularly get inquiries about the capacity of Willapa Hills Farm. As important as our capacity, is the anticipated attendance of those invited. In reviewing articles on multiple wedding blogs there seems to be general agreement on the relationship between invitees and final attendees. It is important to note that each event has a number of unique variables that impact final attendance.

Common factors that increase or decrease attendance: – Smaller weddings have higher overall participation percentages. – Local guests attend at a higher rate than out of town guests. – Destination weddings have lower participation rates.

A Few Attendance Stats

  • RSVPify: 83% attend (17% decline)
  • The Knot: 80-90% attend (10 – 20% decline)
  • Here Comes the Guide: 70-80% attend (20% to %30 decline)
  • Two Hearts Weddings & Events: 80-85% attend (15-20% decline)