The Farm

Willapa Hills Farm has two primary outside Event Sites and a number of more informal Activity Areas. Access and usability varies by location, season and weather conditions. Make sure to consider the time of year when picking event or activity sites. On event days, we can be as flexible as you wish to be. We have chased more than one rain cloud away and moved a wedding ceremony from the barn outside into the newly arrived sunshine!

Maple Grove Event Site

The Maple Grove Event Site is located under old growth maple trees and is wrapped in a semi-circle of vine maples and wild roses. You may arrange seating in a variety of configurations depending on weather and number of guests.

Riverside Event Site

The Riverside Event Site is located right on the banks of the Chehalis River. This intimate space works well for ceremonies as well as for a variety of outside activities – conditions permitting.

West Pasture Activity Area

The West Pasture is our most remote Activity Area, but worth the effort for those who seek a unique natural setting for activities or photographs. Located across the river and accessible by an easement road (or by wading through the river), an old hay barn with the remnants of a split rail cattle shoot provide the perfect backdrop for rustic farm pictures.