The Barn

The heart of Willapa Hills Farm is our historic gambrel barn. A spacious 36′ wide and 72′ long, the warmth of natural old growth cedar and fir planks and timbers surround you. The vaulted ceiling spreads overhead reaching over 35′ to the inside of the cupolas. Tasteful accent lighting illuminates the rafters while three rustic barn-sized chandeliers and complimentary bistro lights combine to provide a warm glow on the gathering space below during both daytime and evening activities.

Capacity is 175 seated at table, with two entrances/exits providing for the easy flow of guests throughout your event. Twenty-two 60″ round tables and 175 chairs are provided. Additionally, six 6′ long rectangular tables are available for caterer use. Ample power is provided around the perimeter of the barn for food service use and AV equipment. A covered stair lift at the north entrance provides enhanced access. In inclement weather, both the ceremony and reception can take place in the barn.

Catering Staging Area

Off the north end of the barn there is a 24′ x 36′ roof covering the rear stairway and patio. Also used as a catering staging area, the roof provides protection for a catering staging that includes basic refrigeration and freezer equipment along with a sink and stainless steel prep table.